The Shelf of Ugly

I’m only going to show you a part of the shelf because it is not deserving of being fully presented to the blog world. This shelf… this ugly shelf… this $20 build it yourself shelf… is finally going the way of the yard sale.

I’ve owned it for almost 10 years which is 7 years too long. It was a fixture in my college apartment and unfortunately, has been an eyesore in my young adult house. However, I’ve cleaned it off and moved it out.

You see, I’ve got a HUGE estate sale to prepare for in three weekends. It is my personal goal to pull everything from my house that I want to include in the sale out of hidey holes, back rooms and from under beds and price it to sell. I don’t want it back but I’ll take a few dollars in the mean time.

“What about that kitchen I was going to organize?” you ask? Shush. It’s not done. I was sidetracked. How dare you bring that up. I’m sure the organization of that kitchen will aid my yard sale pile effort. I’ll report back on that in a month. You can wait until then.

Shame on you for bringing that up.

4 thoughts on “The Shelf of Ugly

  1. sometimes I wish I could empty out our entire house and just start over… hmm… a yard sale might be due here next spring, I'm thinking.♥

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