A Glimpse of Autumn

Believe it or not, the days are beginning to get shorter. The mornings have actually been a bit chilly this week. The mega stores have hauled out fall themed decor items and it goes without saying that Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas stuff up (I think they do that in July). Believe it or not summer is coming to an end.

I’m never one to be sad about that. As much as I love living in the southern half of the United States, I’m not a huge fan of hot. This summer has mocked me with day after day of heat indexes above 100. I’ve been left inside, lethargic, not interested in playing in my wool and yarn piles. I haven’t even wanted to cook… or garden… or anything. It’s just been too hot.

The shorter days are something I welcome with more than open arms. I’ll even let those shorter days be an extended WANTED guest.

Shorter days mean I can haul out piles of yarn, oodles of knitting needles, and pages after pages of patterns. It’s time to start knitting again. Knitting can be one of two things. It can either be completely relaxing or it can leave me ready to stab the next person that asks “haven’t you been working on that row for hours now?”. Thankfully, the beginning of the cooler weather is dedicated to knitting scarves and cowls for the Farmers Market and the seasonal craft shows. Typically those are routine and hypnotic. Not much room for error with rows like “knit, knit, knit…”.

We’ll reserve the stabbing responses for November and December when my pattern attempts become more involved as I attempt to find the next best gift pattern.

3 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Autumn

  1. I can't wait to senction you to knit something fall/winter baby for me — I think sanction is the word I'm trying to use. This lack of sleep is killing me. ❤

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