I need help.

There. I said it. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

I typically pride myself in my creative organizational skills but I’ve hit a wall with my latest project. My jewelry supplies used to live happily on my sun porch. They were all nicely stacked and tucked away on shelves underneath a vintage sewing table just ready to be pulled out and made into some lovely, sparkly goodness.

However, now they live stacked on a wobbly shelf in my guestroom closet. They lurk there in the dark just waiting to lunge at me the next time I open my closet. The jewelry supplies no longer way to be made into lovely, sparkly goodness but instead hide, unloved and forgotten.

I’m left without a great way to display my supplies within easy reach (no thanks to IKEA for having the perfect shelf in their showroom and then not having it in stock on the way out of their store) and so I must turn to you, my blog reading pal, for help. I need some ideas and inspiration for jewelry supply storage for small spaces. Of course I know the obvious answer “go get yourself some shelves” but I’m look for not obvious.

Please post some ideas (pictures are a bonus) and I’ll love you all forever.

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  1. hmmm! i was driving down the road the other day and saw a large 'envelope shelf'. About as tall as a person, and had lots of little column- and row-boards, like might have been used in an office to sort incoming mail for people. But the boxes looked to be about… 4"x7"? or so. is this making any sense : x a picture really is worth a thousand words, haha X D anyway, it looked neat because the one i saw was all old wood, weathered and stuff. i don't know where you would find one, or if it would be cost-effective to build one… but that's all the thought i got X D

  2. I think I know what you're talking about… like something you might see in an office to be used as mailboxes for incoming mail? I didn't think about something like that. I'll have to scour Craigslist. Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. a card table, some rolling plastic drawers, and various trays/plates from the thrift store or dollar store will do in a pinch till you get the perfect setup again. When i was in high school I just had a case and some tiny hardware drawers and tv tray that i use to make and make and make stuff (I was a beading machine then! what happened to my production skills…) on my futon. it'll getcha by anyway. 😀 good luck friend!

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