It’s like this…

The loot… be jealous, be oh, so, jealous!

I’m still stumped as far as what to write in response to my day spent at the Craft Gossip blog meet up. It was only a few hours long but I left with my brain full of big, craft lovin’ smiles (and a couple of bags STUFFED with free crafty goodies to play with). With so much bounty you would think I could easily pluck one single thing to talk about… or 5, but I’m lost, with nothing.

I’ve been able to pinpoint my problem. I do believe I’m overwhelmed with creative possibility. Not a single thing we played with at the event or what I brought home with my afterwards has anything to do with spinning or knitting. I’m never one to shy away from a new project, but I typically keep to my comfort areas. It’s not that I’m afraid of branching out, it’s just that I don’t have room in my house or my head to do much more.
Or so I thought.
The meet up started with a go around with introductions from each of the ladies as well as a bit about what they create and what is the strangest thing they have ever used for crafting (anyone remember my poodle hair experiment that ended with frustration and failure?). I think we had the entire craft world covered. There were people who sewed, jewelry makers, quilters, scrapbookers (that’s not a word…. work with me), gourd artists and so on. One lady as even used a salmon as a stamp… I’m not sure what that makes her. As I sat there and listened the wheels in my head started turning. Thoughts of “Oooooh, I should look into that” or “Oh yeah, quilting, I should finish my quilt” and “I wonder how hard it is to actually make something out of a gourd” scrolled across my mind about as fast as the wine emptied from our glasses during lunch.
I knew I was in trouble. When I start thinking like this, it is usually a sign that I’m about to bottom out from too much creativity. If you don’t think it’s possible, then I can’t explain it to you. For those of you who have stood in the middle of their crafting room, starting at potential project after project, but couldn’t even begin to pick one out, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling you get when your rational side begins to battle with your creative mind. One side wants you to use all of the crayons in the box and the other side tells you that you don’t have enough time for more than 2 crayons. Neither side wins and you’re left exhausted.
And disappointed.
As I said earlier, we left the event with 2 bags FULL of crafty goodies. There were cross stitch projects, scrapbooking supplies, stamps, jewelry making goodies, stickers, plush patterns, markers and the list goes on and on. As I unpacked my bag before leaving, I could feel my heart rate go up. The pitch of my voice went up right along with it. We all giggled, squeeled, skipped across the room holding tightly to our new favorite thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.
It was like Christmas where you are the prized, only child.
But better.
I skipped right out of there, already planning 43 different projects for when I got home. I was going to start scrapbooking again… or maybe I was going to make a shadow box with the scrapbook supplies… or maybe greeting cards… or maybe promotional materials for WoolyHands… or maybe I was just going to put it on my shelf like a trophy and lovingly look through them once a month like a family photo album… or maybe…
You see the problem. I really could do a million things, but I can’t land on just one. It’s not just the scrapbook supplies. It’s all of it. I went through the bags tonight and pulled out project after project to start and was left with a pile at least a foot high.
So you see, I’m overwhelmed with crafty possibilities. There are worse things to be overwhelmed with, you’ve never heard of someone in a mental ward because she couldn’t decide on which rubber stamp to playwith first, but still, overwhelmed is overwhelmed.
Hopefully my brain will begin to compartmentalize some of the creative inspiration gained in Little Rock at the meet up and I’ll be able to unpack things one at a time and unveil them here for you to “oooooh” and “aaaah” over, but until then, I’ll be over on the floor of my craft room, sorting through project after project…
after project.
And this is me… before realizing I was in over my head:

3 thoughts on “It’s like this…

  1. Hawney, hawney, hawney! Put it all quietly away. Your brain knows it's there, and the next time you're in the middle of a project where it makes sense, your subconscious will jump up and say, "Hey, use those Martha Stewart markers!" You know what I'm really dying to see from you? A freaky softy–made from the EK kit but altered or embellished or transformed…maybe with knitted wire…You know what I mean. You and Laurie both have the imaginative gift of showing how a routine craft can be elevated with humor. No pressure! 🙂

  2. I always thought it was procrastination when I had too many ideas, and no idea where to start! LOL… I'm glad you had fun… once you've had a few days to digest it all, something will whisper in your heart, and you'll know what to do next. ♥

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