It Never Sleeps

Once again I find myself in NYC at the beginning of a conference. As I blogged about recently, it was in NYC a little over a year ago when I had a defining “ah ha” moment. So much has happened since that conference… so many personal changes… so much growth… I can only imagine what this week will bring. I look forward to finding the time each night to download my thoughts and do a bit of blogging (which we all know I’m not very good at when at home – I can’t be trusted with continuous blogging).

I can’t say that today has provided much more than airport time, plane rides and the most amazing corned beef sandwich in the world (thank you Carnegie Deli, I love you so). It also provided a solid 2 hours of awkward laughs. A colleague and I scored a couple of tickets to Book of Mormon and I’ll just say that my seeing it will result in spooky Mormon hell dreams tonight. If I was Catholic I’m sure I’d find myself in church tomorrow morning ready to confess my sin…

my sin was that I laughed, hard, at that musical…

hopefully worse things have happened…

like war… and murder… and clubbing sweet baby seals…

yes, all of those are worse than laughing at the topics that were sung to lively tunes tonight. If you’re reading this and thinking that surely it wasn’t that bad and perhaps I’m just a prude… go do a search for the song Hasa Diga Eabowai and then come join me in church tomorrow.

One last thought before I sign off for the evening. Champagne glass hot tubs are so 1989. Apparently they are a big thing in NY. I’ve seen 3 commercials for resorts with those gawdy things in the rooms in the past 20 minutes. Oh NY, I’m embarrassed for you… jealous of your corned beef sandwiches but still embarrassed for you. I’m sure I’ll turn a blind eye to your champagne glass hot tubs by the end of the week because you’ll blow my mind with awesome, but for now… for now this can’t be ignored.

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