Things that make you go zzzzzzzzzz

It should be easy to write about my recent trip to New York City. So many things were seen, toured and experienced while there. As with every time I go there, I had the time of my life.

So, why this heavy case of writers block – or rather, writers block when it comes to conference blogging (as you can see by my words, not everything I want to put down in writing is blocked)?

I could blame it on being tired. I’m worn out. I want to talk about the things I learned and the shows I saw but my brain is beyond exhausted when it comes to talking about work. Actually, I will blame it on that.

I’ve been meeting myself coming for the past 4 weeks… more so than usual. Sure, we all take work home at night (or do you, I do hope I’m not fooling myself) if we’re not already hunkered down in the office until the wee hours of the morning. Sure we all work through lunch only to find your half eaten PB&J stuck in a file folder weeks later (don’t deny that you smelled it to make sure it was beyond it’s prime). Sure we’ve all been there, but I’ve been living what seems like 40 hour days since mid-January.

Now wait, don’t get on to me for complaining, that is the last thing I’m doing. I have adored my time over the past few weeks. I’ve volunteered at the Super Bowl which the thought of still blows my mind. I’ve been planning a major fundraiser that went off without so much as a hiccup this past weekend and raised quite a bit of money in the process. I’ve also attended a conference smack dab in the middle of the city that never sleeps. All of which have made my awesome list.

They also have made my 3 ways to leave Erin wanting a nap by 11AM list. I’m tired. I can’t talk about work because I’m tired. I can’t make dinner that doesn’t come from a box because I’m tired. I also can’t seem to stay away through an episode of Chopped because I’m tired.

Maybe I’ll catch up on rest this weekend… but then again, I’ve not graced the local thrift stores with my presence in a while and the flea market booth doesn’t restock itself (and I can’t just let my awesome sister sustain it all of the time, I need to put in my work too).

There is always next weekend… after all.

2 thoughts on “Things that make you go zzzzzzzzzz

  1. You do so much Erin. When do you get to schedule a week off from work? Sometimes staying home, in pajamas, hot tea, blanket and book in hand, are the best remedies… ♥

  2. I had 2 weeks off at Christmas to relax! I have time I could take off, we're just in the middle of it all right now. I'll get a break soon 🙂

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