Testing 1, 2, 3

This post won’t be long, but I thought a test was in order. When I travel, I often take almost every modern, electronic I own. Let’s see, I have my iPhone, my iPad and my laptop.

Now wait, before you judge me and my over abundance of electronics in my carry on, allow me to explain.The phone is obvious. I don’t need to defend that. The iPad is almost obvious. It’s great for note taking and staying connected to work at conferences (I don’t take it on personal travel). The laptop is taken only to blog. Yep. I tote that heavy thing around just so I can keep the masses updated with my daily activity when away from the office and/or studio. Seems silly, but I adore blogging when away from home.

 It seems I’m only inspired when on the road.

We’ll save that topic for another post and after we’ve all had a few drinks… it’s a doozie.

I’ll be heading out to IAVM’s Venue Connect on Friday. I think having a place to compile my thoughts at the end of the day is important. However, I do not look forward to packing up the laptop yet again and hitting the road. Enter the bluetooth keyboard. Why have I not considered this before yesterday? All it took was a trip to the local electronics big box store and a a small handful of moolah and the keyboard was mine. Good bye traveling with a laptop and hello iPad with a cute, wireless keyboard.

I feel so with it.

So please, check back in this week as I’ll be blogging from sunny (hopefully the weather reports showing scary clouds of doom are wrong) Florida avout this year’s Venue Connect and what I’ll take away from it. I’m sure to be funny and, depending on the amount of sleep I’ll get each night, I’m sure to be on top of this.

Update: It seems that to add pictures from Instagram I have to download an app on my phone that isn’t formatted for iPad (thanks, Blogger) and add pictures there. This might pose some inconvenience… but I’ll make do.

Update number 2:  It also seems that posting from the iPad makes these posts completely obnoxious in that their paragraph formatting is OUT the window.  This frustrates me.  But it’s 5PM the day before I leave for a conference so maybe it’s the 1002 things I’ve left to do that frustrate me.  I’ll do another test tonight before I decide to pack up the laptop and lug it to Florida.

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