When Not At Work

You would think with all of this talk of work and conferences that I never have down time.  Sometimes I think that, but it really isn’t true.  I’m the kind of person that loves to fill my time with stuff.  I say “stuff” but it really is stuff.  I have tons of hobbies, tons of activities, sign up for everything and do not like just sitting.

One of my favorite things in the world is running a flea market booth with my sister.  As I’ve previously mentioned, the two of us make up Junque Rethunque.  This was a business that she started with my mom, but I took over after my mom decided that brain cancer wasn’t as glamorous as some people claim.  I’d like to think we’ve done part of it justice.

We go junkin’.

In fact, we’re so good at junkin’ that we bring home a ton of fabulous finds each and every time.

We also live in houses that have their limits which means we can’t keep everything we find.  That’s where the flea market booth comes in.  We’re able to search out treasures for the booth and continue to fill the void that not going junkin’ creates.  However, this is only a portion of the Junque Rethunque concept.

The other portion is finding treasures that are completely lost to the common eye and transforming them into something new and wonderful.  That’s the part that is lacking right now.  We’re full of ideas, we just haven’t really jumped onto that ship yet.  Maybe it’s due to a lack of space, or perhaps due to the fact that we both have full time jobs (and my sister has a family and goes on paranormal investigations – right?!  How fun is that!?).  Whatever the case it, we just haven’t fulfilled that part of the business yet.

Fret not – we’ve been re-inspired!  This past weekend we moved into a new shop and we’re convinced we’ll be sold out within the week (okay, maybe not, but it’s nice to dream).  The picture above is from the new space, pretty kickin’, eh?

We’re game for anything.  We’ll turn old door knobs into picture holders, we’ll decoupage old furniture to give it new life, we’ll turn odd objects into lamps – the sky is the limit.  So tell me, what is the coolest “re-purposed” item you’ve ever seen?  I’d love to hear about it.

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