A Texan and Her New Boots

UPDATE – this contest is closed.  Thank you to all who entered!


Isn’t one of the common Texan stereotypes one that involves boots?  Do we all have boots?  Are we born with boots?  Do we only wear boots?  I’m sure there is one about boots.

And big hair.

And fake boobs.

Well, not to pull back the curtain, or anything, but we don’t all have boots.

Or big hair.

Or fake boobs.

However, we do have great style, so when the opportunity came up to attend a conference about blogging and get a free pair of boots out of the deal, it didn’t take my long to sign the dotted line.  Those boots were finally going to be mine!

I’ve never been a huge fan of cowboy culture.  When I was younger, I wanted more than anything to live in Jackson, Wyoming and ride horses all day.  I blame my grandpa, that is what he did.  That passed, though, as many young desires do.  I also used to want to buy a big house with one of my 3rd grade friends and fill it with creepy, old, porcelain dolls.  Still not sure where that came from, but I found proof of it on some school project I found from 1989.  But I digress, and dolls have nothing to do with boots, but Wyoming did, at least.

While my love for boot scooting boogies was as short as my first “relationship” in HS, my love for boots never faded.  In HS, the only boots that were popular were Doc Martins.  I wasn’t a Doc Martin kind of girl.  So imagine my excitement when I left the suburb of Dallas that I called home for much of my life and moved south to the capital of Texas.  Not only were cowboy boots cool down there, they were worn by people who didn’t spend their weekend riding electronic bulls at the local honky tonk.

These boot wearers were hip.

They spent their evenings at places like La Zona Rosa, Antones or The Continental Club.  Okay, so a few of them might be found at The Broken Spoke, but it’s iconic and kind of hip.  These boot wearers didn’t listen to Dixie Chicks (it was 1999, mind you) but they listened to Old 97s, The SCABS and Ben Folds.

Yes, these boot wearers were hip.

Do you want to hear the sad part of this story?  Boots are expensive and expensive boots were not things I treated myself to while in school.  So I never got a pair of boots.  Instead, I was hip in my purple Cons (which I still wear to this day).  Cons cost less and I could wear them to band rehearsal without killing myself or looking ridiculous in the process.

After college I left Austin and moved to a place where only lovers of cowboy culture wore boots.  That wasn’t me, so I didn’t buy any.

Then it happened!  Boots were in.  They became fashionable.  Every bride who followed popular trends for the past few years had boots on her bridesmaids.  Boots were not western, boots were everyday.

But still, boots are expensive and expensive boots are not things I treat myself to while working for a living.  So I didn’t get a pair of boots.  Instead, I was trendy in a pair of burnt orange cons (or piquant green, or brown with little frayed holes backed with gingham or black houndstoothy looking stuff – yes, I have a problem, look away… just look away).

Back to the free boots.

I went to the conference, learned a thing or 24 about blogging and got some of the most WONDERFUL boots I’ve ever owned seen.  I have to send a huge THANK YOU to Country Outfitter for finally helping me realize my true Texan roots.  My Texan feet have never felt so… well… Texan.  My Texan knees have never looked so Texan cute hanging out over my new boots.  Skirts that were old and tired have been given new life pairs with my spiffy new pair of boots.

I could go on and on, but I’m not.  Instead I’m going to give each one of you the chance to win your own pair, or at least a $150 to apply towards your very own pair (I found my dream boots for right under $150, but I know some of my readers have EXPENSIVE taste and there are some fabulous boots on the Country Outfitter website).

Here’s how to enter:

1. CLICK HERE and submit your email (no, if you don’t submit you can’t win boots – sorry, ladies, those are the rules)

2.  Leave a comment here letting me know you submitted your email to Country Outfitter and tell me about that ONE thing you always wanted to put in your closet but never did (see below for another item I never got and still kind of wish I did).

There, that’s it!  Easy, right?  I’d like to think I had 100s of followers and this gift card would be hard to win, but I don’t.  So you might have pretty good chance at this.  So go ahead, click the link above and get started.

OH – don’t forget to leave a comment here telling me that you entered and about that one thing you never had and desperately wanted.  Maybe you wanted a hypercolor tshirt but you never got it, or maybe you wanted that white, Guess sweatshirt that had “Guess” spelled out in different colors of embroidery (I wanted one so badly, but it was $60 and my mom wasn’t down for that when I was in Jr. High… or ever really), or maybe you wanted a femullet haircut but your parents were wiser than you and wouldn’t let you.  Don’t worry about being honest, we won’t laugh… in your face at least! 🙂

DISCLOSURE: Country Outfitter, a retailer of the best boots ever, gave me my boots to review.  And if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t tell you to get your boots there 🙂

39 thoughts on “A Texan and Her New Boots

  1. Book stalker #1 has entered! And as for fashion that I missed? All of them – I was never a fashion plate, and I had short curly hair when everyone else had straight (kind of like now). I got my Benetton rugby shirt, though. That I loved. It had a green stripe.

  2. I want a strapless or backless dress or fancy schmancy top of some sort. I’m just not that brave. Yet! (I clicked to enter but the link didn’t go to the right page. :()

  3. The link works for some but not others – for some reason. Try again tomorrow.

  4. Ok, I did it! I don’t think I ever missed out on a fashion exactly but was always about nine months late to the party on every trend I wore. Oh, and I still wear Converse. Also I am curious what suburb you grew up in–I lived in Plano until I left for UT in 1993.

  5. Hmmm…it’s not so much what I wanted in my closet but what I wanted to fit my body :). Any of Princess Di’s dresses…one of my favorite’s–sky blue/periwinkle tank dress…my description, not the designer :). I need the boots since I will be making two trips to Austin in the next 9 months. BTW…think the link worked…entered my e-mail and Country Outfitter confirmed my subscription…is that how it was supposed to work?

  6. I remember…HEB School District. I fly to Hurst on Sunday for a few days…get to go in front of Hurst City Council on Tuesday night!

  7. Oh man! You with the Austin trips! And yes, you did enter correctly. Thanks!

  8. Hah – I’m not sure why my Euless post replied to yours. I bet you thought that was random! I was trying to reply to Joolie. I’m clearly having WordPress issues.

  9. When I was in 6th grade, overalls transitioned from the everday farmer’s work uniform to tween middle class fashion. The GAP had the best selection of overalls in town, and I fell in love with an eggplant purple pair. Now, I couldn’t afford the purple beauties (I was in elementary school, y’all!) and my mom decided my beloved purple overalls would be the fashion crime of the century. C’est la vie.

  10. You should totally find some eggplant purple overalls and wear them now!

  11. I am entered! Speaking of sweatshirts, I always wanted a gap sweatshirt. The ones with big embroidered letters GAP on the front. That was what the cool kids wore. I did end up getting a similar version, just not the iconic one.

  12. I’ve always wanted a ball gown. A big poof meringue of a skirt, the full on Cinderella treatment. And then I’d wear boots with it.

  13. The boots are what I’ve always wanted in my closet! PLUS I really want to pierce my cartilage. Moms not up for that:/

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. I entered! And, I always wanted jelly shoes, but for some reason, I never got them as a kid and I am not sure I still love them as a grown up…

  15. I had jelly shoes in the 80s and again in ’95. They really weren’t great for your feet 😉

  16. I generally think “fashion” looks silly on me. That’s why I’ve always wanted a nice, professionally made and fitted corset 🙂

  17. Of course you do 🙂 I don’t think I would have thought that would have been a nice addition to my closet until I needed one twice this past year. I suppose a good corset could go a long way.

  18. Oh the things our mother wouldn’t let me have! High heels when I was 12 (although your father bought them for me. That’s what she gets for sending him shopping with me). Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (too expensive). “Calvins” (Brooke Shields was a hussy). 🙂

  19. Submitted!

    This sounds so pretentious, but I’ve always drooled over the classic, iconic Chanel bag. The black, quilted one with the chain handles. I still occasionally price one to remind myself there is no way I can/will ever afford it.

  20. Melodie – not pretentious at all! We all have that one thing we want! In HS I wanted a Brighton purse SO badly because it’s what all the cool girls had. I got a knock off at Sam Moon once and thought I was in heaven. Then it broke, like a week after I bought it (like all Sam Moon stuff). Now that I look back at those Brighton purses, I’m kind of glad I didn’t shell out the dough for one. SO not my style.

  21. I entered!!! Lately I’ve been wanting a white leather motorcycle jacket. It all started when I found one for my daughter a couple of years ago. Hers is vinyl and a child’s size 8. I want a real leather one in my size. –Anne

  22. I entered my email address! I always really wanted a hypercolor shirt and sadly never got one. One day, maybe they will come back into fashion…

  23. I love your story! I can’t remember anything in particular I wanted back in the day. Though I did have a friend with a Coach bag I loved. (But even at the time thought it was a horrible waste of money to give one to someone in high school!) These days I want a pair of hot jeans to go with my boots 🙂

  24. I’m on the hunt for hot jeans to go with the boots. Let me know if you find some!

  25. As my six year old says, I’m not very “fashiony”. The thing I really have always wanted fashion-wise is someone to buy my clothes for me and tell me what to wear!

  26. Just finished entering the contest! Let’s see…one thing I never had in my closet but wish I had…trendy jewelry. I was (and still am!) always behind the curve on what’s “in” when it comes to jewelry. Nowadays I stick to the classics, but growing up, I always wanted to trendy necklace or big earrings!

  27. I sent my email via the link 🙂 I had one outfit from Units…. I so wanted more! How could you resist the classy look of bands around your waist and the tiny hole in the armpits?!? 🙂

  28. I want a bold, bright shock of color in my hair. Like purple. Maybe someday…
    Ps- If it’s not too late I’m entering! Trying to win boots for Gracie.

  29. I have submitted my email, & liked their page..because I do like their page! I always wanted a really good leather jacket, but have never conquered the fear of parting with that kind of money on a clothing item.

  30. Well im not sure if you’re giveaway is still going strong, but honestly, i’ve always wanted some cowboy boots of my own!

  31. Boots nice wearing boots good boots comfortable. Boots!!!!!! Ohh Also flannel

  32. I entered. Believe it or not, I want to put a pair of boots in my closet for this fall. I have never had a pair and it seems like everyone has some fun ones to wear!

  33. i am dying for a pair of these boots!! i entered my email in…and the one thing i never put in my closet ….. believe it or not….was a pair of cowboy boots…I was always bought “ropers” ..you know the tie up one that you had lace up for fifty feet before you actually tied them…ugh! Oh to have a pair of just slip on cowboy boots!!

  34. I entered! Well, the one thing I always wanted was a two piece swimsuit. I know, right? Everyone had one, but my Dad did not like them. For obvious reasons. So, I wore my one piece and tried to keep smiling. I understand a lot more now why he wouldn’t let me. Great giveaway! lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  35. I entered! I never got a butterfly tattoo on my back that I thought I had to have 15 years ago….I am so glad I did not get it now. However, now I am thinking about getting a bible scripture that states half of it on me and is completed on my husband. Love the boots!

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