A seasonal haiku

And now, I present to you only the finest form of poetry – a haiku:

My thoughts on winter

You have disappointed me

No snow do we have

Winter has been one big disappointment this year.  Sure sure, it’s snowed a few times in Fayetteville this season.  None have really stuck around.  The one pictured above was gone by nightfall.  The only remnants were thanks to those who built snowmen in the shade.  They stuck around for a few days.  We’ve had spells of bitingly cold days which would have been perfect for snow.  But no.  The snow is clever.  The snow is sneaky.  The snow waits until it’s been 56 degrees for a week straight and then the snow is a trickster and comes down on the first cold day we have.

I have names for the snow but none of them appropriate for my blog.

I’m ready for spring.  I’ll gladly give up on this season if it means we’ll quickly work our way towards next winter and get a do over.


2 thoughts on “A seasonal haiku

  1. winter hasn’t been too bad our way this year either… I’m ready for spring, but I keep expecting some fluke late cold weather, and lots of crazy rain in March, because that’s what has happened here for a couple of years now, very mind in January/Feburary then boom. March. it’s not over yet. ♥

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