It’s Funny

Sometimes improving the space around you includes changing the way you do things.

A funny thing happened last week.  I had fun at work.

I mean, I had a LOT of fun at work.

I’ve been working with the University of Arkansas Athletic Department on their annual awards reception and ceremony for the past 10 months.  They are called the HOGSPYs (like the ESPYs… get it?  No?  Do you watch sports?  No?  Okay then, don’t worry about it).  So much discussion, design and attention has been put into this event that waking up that morning I had one of those “THANK GOODNESS TODAY IS THE DAY” moments while straightening my hair.

Yes, I straighten my hair.  Don’t look so shocked.  It’s a lot of work to look this professional.

Then, when I got to work, I had one of those “THANK GOODNESS TODAY IS THE DAY” moments while pulling some tables into place and making sure everything was ready to go.

Then, it happened.

Well, yes, this giant hog head happened.  But something else happened, too!

I started having fun!  For the past couple of years, event days have been a swarm of meetings and texts to my team asking them to go do things for me because the meeting I was in was going long… very long.  Not this day, though.  I didn’t have one meeting to pull me away from the event, not one fire had to be put out, I just got to work the event.

I problem solved with the client when their reserved parking wasn’t going as planned.  I sat in the hall watching the giant hog head get blown up (with air, not explosives, of course).  I watched as our lighting designer played with the 8 moving lights we brought in for this event.

I was in the moment.  100% in the moment.  This Director of Events felt like she was actually working an event and not just going to an event and it was a BLAST.

Life gets so busy and by life, I mean work.  I don’t have many opportunities to step back and really enjoy that work because I’m already 5 events into the future by the time one event actually gets here.  I need to take the time to stop, enjoy it, look at the work I do and pinch myself because I really am so lucky to be in this industry.

Making the space around me be space that I love doesn’t stop at my front door.  It follows me everywhere.

I challenge all of you to make one change at work to leave you smiling at the end of the day.  What are you going to change?

Disclaimer: I know I’ve been posting a lot of pictures with Razorbacks in them.  I promise I haven’t crossed over.  It’s just hard to get around when I work 2 blocks from the University of Arkansas.

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