Portland or bust


Things are insane in my life right now.

Work is busy.

We’re getting ready for our largest event of the year at Walton Arts Center (our annual Art of Wine Festival).

I’m heading off to my second year of Venue Management School on Friday (with a short stop on the way for a Dave Matthews Band concert, my second of this tour, with a friends from said Venue Management School).

I’m also packing.

No, not for a trip.

For a move.

And no, not for a move across town.

For a move to Portland, OR.  Yeah, the Sweet Boy and I are stoked and I don’t have much time to tell you the exciting details, but I have a new job as Director of Event Services at the Oregon Convention Center and wow.

Wow is really all I’ve been able to say about this for the past couple of weeks.  Actually, I think I posted a picture on instagram the day I was offered the position that said “OMG”.  So I suppose “OMG” sums it up as well.  I’ve been looking for a job at a new venue for some time and this one could not be more perfect.

Disclaimer: I’ve been at Walton Arts Center for 9 years.  I love it here, but it was time for a new scene.  I rent houses so I can move every few years.  Sometimes you need to do that with your job, too. 

The Sweet Boy and I are busy packing up our lives, selling things on Craigslist and doing paperwork for our new town home in NE Portland.

Let the adventure begin!

3 thoughts on “Portland or bust

  1. Wow. I didn’t even realize before this post that you also live in Fayetteville. Portland is an amazing town. Good luck with your adventures!

  2. Alright, I thought I posted a comment, but I guess it got lost in cyber space!

    You are moving to Portland! How exciting! I live about an hour south of there, we are totally going to have to meet someday!

    Congrats to you on the change, I know you’ve been wanting change for quite some time now… Yahoo!!! 🙂

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