1 week shy of 9 years

I’ve been trying to write this post for a couple of weeks but it hasn’t come easily.

I want to talk about what the move to a new venue, new job and new town really means to me.

I mean REALLY means to me.

But I’m afraid I can’t figure it out.  4 weeks ago, when I got the offer, I was bouncing off of the walls with glee.  Last week at my 2nd year of Venue Management School, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.  At the beginning of this week, I started a countdown until the moving truck pulls away from our town home for the last time.  Last night I rejoiced in the fact that we were getting down to packing the final few boxes.

However, today, today I’m just here.  I came to work and it feels like any other day.  I was gifted a delicious chocolate croissant, Starbucks gift card (COFFEE) and thoughtful card from one of my favorite coworkers, but it still feels like any other day.  My desk and walls are bare – I should feel differently than I do.

I’m baffled.

Where are my emotions?  Where’s my fear?  Where’s my excitement?  Where’s my anticipation?  It’s not here.  Wait, that’s not true.  I’m OVER THE MOON with excitement about my move.  I feel like I’m going on a permanent vacation.  I hear Portland is where young people go to retire, I see where that comes from.  I’ll be moving, it will be work, I’ll have to make money, but I’ll be in one of those towns that always is at the top of my “I need to go on vacation there” list.

But why does today feel so normal?  It’s almost disappointing that it doesn’t feel otherwise.

Today is exactly one week shy of my 9 year anniversary at Walton Arts Center.  I feel it’s poignant to end with that.

In other news, I’m going to Pesto Cafe tonight to stuff my face full of my favorite Italian food and fill my belly with a bottle of wine (shared with friends, of course).  So there is that.  I’m sure I’ll feel differently when I’m there, celebrating our new adventure.

Wish the Sweet Boy and me luck – we’re off!

5 thoughts on “1 week shy of 9 years

  1. Best of luck to you!! It will be hard to think of you somewhere else, so post lots of pics. Okay?

  2. We separate ourselves, Erin. It’s how I managed numerous school changes (before and after you came along) and the other life changing moves I’ve undertaken. It’s how I manage in the FS, though with FB and such it’s more complicated, now.

    I remember years ago when I noticed the symptoms – months away from a move I would start getting irritated with friends, and start not wanting to hang out with them. I would get fed up with the town I was in and just WANT TO LEAVE. It happens. It’s natural. Doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with…


  3. Hmmm… that sounds familiar. I knew I would miss friends but I just wanted to do things alone. Strange way humans cope with things.

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