A disappearance

The water cooler in the office at work was missing this morning.

I was taunted by the row of delicious, refreshing, clean 5 gallon bottles of water.

My Nalgene bottle rested sadly in my hands… empty… full of so much untapped potential…lacking in the one thing I need in the morning besides coffee (don’t tell my doctor I’m drinking caffeine again).

It seems a crime has been committed and no one came forward… well, that is, until I asked someone about it.

Apparently, we were short exactly one water cooler for an event this week and sacrifices had to be made.  Sacrifices indeed.  I suppose room temperature tap water will have to do this morning.  I’m not sure when I became so spoiled that the lack of cool, crisp, water from the cooler left me stumped for at least 3 minutes this morning.





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