And One Thought More

Guys. I struggled through that last post. All day long I thought about sitting down tonight to write a blog post.

I’m not exaggerating. I thought about it all. Day. Long.

I was going to be so funny about my running attempts. I was going to talk about how I’m 97% certain that I look like a hippopotamus running on hind legs and clawing at the air to propel myself forward when plodding down the sidewalk.

Wait wait wait, I don’t say this because my belly is larger than it should be (although, it is, there is a reason I wanted to get in shape in the first place), I say it because that IS what I look like.

I was going to reminisce on how you’d be wasting your money to cross the Columbia into Washington for a dime bag of Vantucky’s finest weed (do dime bags exist? did I just call Vancouver Vantucky? Does that make me a local?) because a brisk run along the Waterfront Park in Portland provides you with enough 2nd hand smoke to leave you feeling pretty good and jonesin’ for a slice at Sizzle Pie.

I was going to give you a play by play account of the tall bike jousting I happened upon one sunny afternoon. I’ll give you a hint, it’s better than any jousting you’ve seen at Midieval Times.

I thought ALL DAY about this. And then I failed on my delivery.

I just didn’t have it in me. I tried… you have to believe me when I say “I tried”.

I left the post and immediately went over to Facebook and left droplets of entertaining quips all over the place. I felt bad and had to come explain myself. I’ll do better next time.

Scouts honor.

One thought on “And One Thought More

  1. Good. Gawd. Girl. I thought your last post was fantastic. I, for one, and A, for another, are redonkulously thrilled at your new goals and exploits. Deciding you want to be able to do something is one thing. It happens almost daily, I’d imagine, to all us sibs. The hard part is getting up and making the effort. And you have that special added ability to find the enjoyment and humor in each new effort, even when it’s a strain. See, I’m just focused and bull-headed. You’re a fan of life, and that’s awesome.

    Also, I want pictures of the jousting, if you see it again.

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