10 albums in 10 days… no. 8 and other significant life changing things.


And once again, there was a wagon and I fell off of it.

In more ways than just blogging.

But I’m just here for the blogging so we’ll stick to that.

A lot has changed in my world since I last posted.  I closed my Twitter account (good riddance).  I closed my Facebook account (I’m better without it but that one has been hard).  And I closed my Instagram account (this was/is the hardest – I genuinely feel a loss over this one fairly regularly but it’s getting better).  What I lost was a lot of diary type things – what I did here, what I did there, what I thought about this and that… but what I gained after hitting delete was MUCH more valuable than that, however.  I tried my hardest to live in two worlds for ages – the real world and the social media world.  It just didn’t work.

Since shutting them down, I’ve truly been living for the first time since I opened FB (whenever that was).  I’ve completed all of my projects at home, am WAY more productive at work, and the best part has been that I have connected with my favorite guy (you know the guy… this one here) on a level I thought I had lost.  Yes, I think about those accounts on occasion, in fact, I miss them often, but I wouldn’t change anything if it means taking a step back.

Take stock – go ahead and close one of those accounts down.  Which one raises your blood pressure the most?  I’m guessing Twitter.  So go ahead, shut it down!  If we’re being honest, you probably feel like the kid who showed up uninvited to that party anyways.  I certainly did.

What hasn’t changed since August is my list of 10 albums.  What has changed is how long it’s taking me to get these posted!

Before These Crowded Streets was bound to make my list.  In fact, if I were rank my top 10 favorite albums, this may sit at the no. 1 spot.  There are so many good songs within the track listings, it’s musically a fantastic album start to finish, and it also has my very favorite song on it.

I bought the CD just before I had my ACL reconstructed in 1998 so it got a lot of play during a very memorable summer.  I suffered (yes, suffered) through rehab listening to this on my head phones… and a CD walkman (fancy), took it to San Francisco to share with my brother (and found out he HATED Dave Matthews Band, my broken heart took some time to mend), crushed hard while listening to… well… “Crush” (cliche perhaps but I was LOST in a dream when listening to that song) and up until the release of Come Tomorrow it was the only DMB album I would listen to over and over in the car (with Come Tomorrow came a 2nd album I can do that with).

If you haven’t paid this little gem a visit in your collection or on Spotify in a while (or ever), I recommend dusting it off and taking it for a spin.  If you only have time for one song, go for “Pig”.

Do it for me.

Pretty please? 🙂

I’ve made it easy for you…



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