start with one step

I hit the trail again today. I’ve been dabbling in getting back to a regular jogging/running routine since COVID sent us all home. I’ve walked… walked a little, walked a lot, didn’t walk… but I haven’t picked up the pace. I’m very good at blaming my lack of activity on my lack of activity.

“I can’t do too much, because my muscles aren’t used to it”

“I can’t job, because the hills kill me”

“Oh look, it’s raining, I’m going to take a nap”

It was a very easy fall back and a nasty habit. I went to bed last night with thoughts of jogging running through my head. Nothing like a visit with your doctor and a blood pressure check to to send you into a spiral of thoughts around getting healthier. I considered running to see how far I could go. I considered some timed intervals. I considered not starting until Monday (bad Erin). I considered starting back with my couch to 5K app on week 1. I considered starting on a dirt trail instead of a paved trail. Then I went to sleep.

Typically I’d wake up following a night like that and decide those weren’t great ideas and find something else to do. But today didn’t start off great. I was exceptionally tired and overly sensitive to news of venues across the country getting reopening dates. I should have been glad and celebrated this great news, but I was upset, sad, and left sitting in a hole of doubt that I’ll ever come out of this. It was that feeling alone that made me put on my running shoes and head out.

I suppose I had to run it out.

In case you’re wondering what I did to start, it was week 5 day 1 on my couch to 5K app and on a paved trail just down the long nasty hill from my house (not nasty on the down, but the up will do you in). Week 5 isn’t the beginning but it’s not so far along that I was destined to fail the first day out. I wasn’t sure how I’d do. Perhaps it would be too easy or perhaps I couldn’t do it but it was a middle ground to start from.





I labored through it but worked on my breathing, my posture, how my feet landed… I just kept going one foot in front of the other. Running was never easy for me but it did get easier when I did it regularly. I know it will get easier again.

If a future interviewer asks me what I did to further myself during COVID, I’ll say I started running again. It’s just as important for me and my future as an online educational course.

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