i did it

Today, on whoeverknows day of COVID-19, I completely overhauled my resume. I’ve been trying my very best to find jobs either within my industry or somewhat connected to my industry.

But let’s be honest.

Events/venues/hospitality is the most missed but farthest out of reach industry in all of this.

It’s not coming back tomorrow. Or next week. Maybe not even next year.

So we adapt. I suppose I accepted this back in June but have had an uptick of potential industry related jobs opportunities so I fell back on what I love and know and tried my very best for jobs that I knew had 100s of other applicants because we’re all in the same boat. It isn’t that those haven’t panned out (in fact, I hope upon hope that they do), it’s just that I can’t put all of my eggs in one basket.

That basket is small and will be taken from me eventually. I better find other baskets and evenly disperse those eggs!

And so, here I sit today, with a revamped resume and a sigh of relief that I do have a pretty fantastic career even when I put the focus on non-event and non-venue management highlights. Guess what? Management is management. Strategic planning looks similar wherever you go even if the end results are wildly different. Reviewing processes, taking audit, and making things more efficient isn’t specific to each task, but universal. Team development is just that no matter what team it is.

At least, I hope all of this to be true.

So now I have this fancy new resume and a new plan of attack. Sure, most of my future cover letters may start with “if you’re looking for someone with X number of years doing exactly X, Y and Z – then move along… but if you’re looking for someone with a thirst to X, Y and Z, please read on.”

That has to catch someone’s attention… right?

4 thoughts on “i did it

  1. No… lots of “you’ll be fine when events open back up again”. Recruiters can’t see past the job title I carried and look at the projects and teams I managed. I’m staying positive though!

  2. That sucks. I hope things start turning around and get better for you. Seems like you were really successful until COVID hit. I’m sure you’ll be successful in whatever you find next.

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