i should be studying

See that nice, cozy spot on the couch? It’s where I’ve sat all day… studying.

You see, I have an interview tomorrow.

The kind I’m nervous about.

Very nervous.

This is for one of the opportunities I wrote about yesterday. AMAZING opportunity but with the scary part about having to leave this home we’ve made just for us here. Yeah, that one. Isn’t there that saying about if it isn’t scary, it’s not worth doing or it isn’t hard… or if it isn’t something unpleasant than it won’t be incredible in the end? None of those are right. But it’s something like one of those.


I’m going with it. I’ve been brushing up on what I need to know for this interview for a couple of weeks now. However, today was crunch time and honestly, I’m full of nervous energy. I have what I think is a stellar “tell me a little more about yourself” response. If you could hear it, you’d hire me. I’m sure of it! I also have a lot to say about why I’m excited about the position, the opportunity it offers me and what I can bring to that community. I’m prepared to talk about operating plans, strategic initiatives, holding team members accountable and supporting them so they do their very best work, adapting to change while holding to goals, hardest things I’ve faced as a leader, my greatest accomplishments and how I was able to realize those…

… so it seems I’m prepared.

And a weight was just lifted off of my shoulders. Maybe I just needed to type all of that out.

That will change the course of this post all together.

So on another topic, why do women who have a seat at the table feel like such imposters? WHY do strong, smart, savvy women feel this way? In an email exchange with a colleague today, we discussed that it’s because it’s still new in the grand scheme of things. We didn’t grow up seeing a lot of women at the table. The ones that were stood out in some incredible way. Like a super hero. That’s cool but that isn’t who I am. So I leave you with this, women at the table are setting the new normal for girls watching, learning and being inspired. So sit at that table.

You earned that spot.

It wasn’t given to you.

It can’t be taken from you.

Okay, back to prepping for that interview. Thank you for coming along for this study break.

2 thoughts on “i should be studying

  1. I hope the interview went well! And the last half of that post was inspiring!

  2. I *think* the interview went well. If it was hard to read an interview panel pre-COVID, in person, it’s even hard during COVID via Zoom. Only time will tell and it will work out if it’s supposed to work out. I’m so glad that last half of the post inspired you! That was my hope. 🙂

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