Gardeners Bench? Check.

I think I might have promised you a blog post about why I wasn’t overly thrilled with my day (and evening) spent in San Antonio, but I’ve lost interest. It’s touristy, crowded, and costs a lot to park. That’s basically it. I’d rather talk about gardening tonight. I spent the bulk of this afternoon organizing […]

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Sometimes you create

And sometimes you clean. Saturday’s are usually reserved for grocery shopping and crafting. Today I shopped, spun some wool (which was more frustrating than it was relaxing – I was having issues today) and cleaned/organized. My house has kind of been in a semi mess since Christmas. There was a small pile of Christmas decor […]

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One should never have this many shoes…Or this many clothes (these are the ones in “storage” – not the ones I wear on a usual basis).I spent the bulk of this afternoon cleaning out my clothes and shoes in my closet and in my dresser. Just the hope of moving in a month has me […]

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