More on the topic of purging

I may have seemed a bit snobbish in my last post so let me be the first to apologize. I in no way was trying to belittle those of you out there with kids at home, or elderly parents you’re taking care of at home, etc. I was speaking to those who stand in awe at my finding time to do something other than work, eat and sleep. You know who you are. You aren’t the ones playing mommy at night, or daddy or 2 job bread winner… well, you get the picture. I am just worried that I came off a bit harsh.

I’m well into week 2 of the big purge. Tonight I went through my clothes boxes that live under my guest bed. I managed to only put back 4 of the 6 I had and 1 of them is just full of t-shirts I want to make into a t-shirt quilt. This purging thing is easy and boy do I feel better when I’m finished with a task. I’ve got a HUGE pile of clothes that I either don’t like anymore or are just ill-fitting or out of style. They are either getting sold or donated. Ah, feels good… feels really good.

My next project is an easy, sit on the couch kind of project. I’m going to go through my photographs from high school and college. I’m sure I have a ton that I don’t really care to keep and no reason to tote them around and store them. For one, photos are heavy as sin and two, they take up drawers in my guest room I could be using for wool – WAIT – did I say wool? God knows I don’t need more wool.

But wool will probably go in those drawers.

I need to be honest with myself.

My wool stash will grow.

It’s gonna happen.

I’ll never purge my wool.

I haven’t decided what my next purging project will be after the photos… perhaps kitchen stuff? Maybe pantry items I’m never going to consume? No reason to force it, it will come to me.

I just thought you might want an update since I so proudly announced my Christmas decor purge last week.

In between all of this cleaning and purging, I am finding time for spinning. I listed quite a few new yarns in my shop this past weekend and have another basket full ready to get photographed and go into the shop this weekend. I’m amazed at every yarn I create. While it’s the same thing over and over, spinning and spinning, treadling and treadling – each yarn is different. Each yarn is fun, unique, and beautiful. I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of spinning.

And did I already mention I’ll never purge my wool? I think I did.

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