Missing You Already

It’s been a week since we all loaded up the cars and departed from New Orleans. While I don’t miss the humidity and the funk that permeates every corner of The French Quarter (if you’ve been, then you know what the funk smells like), I do miss that place. I attempted to make some cafe […]

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Coffee = fuel

Since returning home from New Orleans, I’ve been nothing but sleepy. I haven’t wanted to get out of bed in the morning, I’ve been taking naps just after work, I even contemplated a 20 minute nap during lunch today, but instead chose to go grocery shopping. I just spent 30 minutes on the couch snoozing […]

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Packy McPackertons

I packed up much of my crafty area stuff tonight. I almost packed my beads and yarn – but I couldn’t. Those will stay out until just before we start moving (which is only in a week). One advantage to moving your crafting area is you really get rid of a bunch of junk. I […]

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Hitting the Road

I have been 100% stir crazy for about 8 months. I’ve desperately wanted to get out of here for a trip but been completely out of trip money. My sister’s family has been planning a couple of trips that the sweet boy and I have been invited on, but they are just not affordable for […]

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