Packy McPackertons

I packed up much of my crafty area stuff tonight. I almost packed my beads and yarn – but I couldn’t. Those will stay out until just before we start moving (which is only in a week). One advantage to moving your crafting area is you really get rid of a bunch of junk. I had a ton of scraps of paper, baggies, etc that I was planning on reusing. I needed to be honest with myself. I was not ever, NEVER going to use that stuff again. So into the trash it went.

I’ve been listing quite a bit of stuff on Craigslist. Yarn that won’t get used, scrapbooking stuff that won’t get used, sporting goods stuff that has never been used, and some computer junk. It’s amazing what people will buy from you. That is money in the moving fund as far as I’m concerned.

Since I’m blogging again, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m back from New Orleans. I’ve never been great about writing about my trips. It was fun, the French Quarter is beautiful, the food is amazing, and the cafe au lait and beignets are tasty. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures soon.

5 thoughts on “Packy McPackertons

  1. mmmm…. beignets…. I’m always amazed at what people will buy – and spend good money for, too.and I’m with Mooney – we need pictures!!!!

  2. Oh, I didn’t know you were moving! I’ve been buried in work here and haven’t had alot of time to devote to reading my favorite blogs. Good luck with the packing and purging. It does feel so good to get rid of the surplus and start fresh.

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