In 2.5 days I’ll be hitting the road with My Sweet Boy for a trip down South to The Big Easy. I’ll return Monday evening (July 14). You are all more than welcome to buy the goodies in my shop and contribute to my moving back to town fund but all items will not ship out until Wednesday, July 16.

Just letting you all know!

4 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Yay for vacations!!! I’m sure you’re having a great time!As a side note, my sister went to college at Tulane for a few years. One year my dad took me with him to visit her, and being the most insanely cheap individual, got us the cheapest motel room he could find. It was literally two stores down from a 25-cent peep show, and one morning we found a dead rat outside of our room. Here’s hoping you’ve got better accommodations than that!

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