Shop Update this weekend

I’ll be updated my shop with three new versions of one of my newest necklace designs, “Falling Leaves”. I love making this necklace as it allows me to use some of my fancier beads that don’t really fit into my bracelets. I could make them all day, unfortunately, I’m out of leaf charms. Until I find more, I suppose I’ll have to work on other things… like packing my house for the move.

Keep your eyes on my shop for the update.

2 thoughts on “Shop Update this weekend

  1. I love those necklaces! Very beautiful! I’m glad you got the house you wanted! We didn’t end up getting ours, when we applied for it last month, so I had my fingers crossed. Now we are currently in a 900 sq. ft 2nd floor apartment with two kids and a dog, and it isn’t quite as nice as the sweet little house with the huge backyard that we were hoping for. Good luck with your move!!

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