Stuff for the new place

It’s official. The Sweet Boy and I (oh, and the Schmoo cat) move August 1 into the cutest Bungalow in town (pictured in a previous post). I was overly concerned that we would not be chosen since quite a few people were looking at the place. I had already come to the conclusion that it wasn’t meant to be and we’d find something else. Thankfully, later on that day, I received a call from the owner and she was really interested in our application. A couple of days later, we had signed the lease and paid the deposit.

Aside from the necessities that we’ll need to buy (sheets for a 2nd bed, bath stuff for a 2nd bathroom) I want to get a couple of fun things for the new place. The coasters pictured here from RubeeDesigns on Etsy are a given and so are the napkins picture from MichelleBrusegaard, also on Etsy. I’d like to see what other great items people recommend. Keep in mind, it’s a bungalow and we’d like to keep it modern but still with the charm of a bungalow house. Let me know what your favorite items for a new place are. I’ll take all recommendations but really love the ones from Etsy.

5 thoughts on “Stuff for the new place

  1. Whahhhhooooo!!! I’m so excited for you!! That house is just darling, and TWO bathrooms!! *sigh* Can I come over and play?Have fun dressing up your new space hun… Yay!!!

  2. One of the bathrooms even has a clawfoot tub! It will be soooo nice to not have to fight for the bathroom on weekday mornings when the Sweet Boy and I both have to be at work around the same time.

  3. yeah! congrats! i received the necklace today. i love it even more in person – thank you. i’ll be doing a blog post about it tomorrow.

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