What goals… where?

Ahhhh, to be a cat. Lounging in the sun would be my great accomplishment of the day. Perhaps my owner would share some of her lunch meat with me? Maybe she’ll stop and give me some cuddles and pettings behind the ears. Yes, that wouldn’t be a bad day. My goal this year has been […]

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On A Roll

Well, it seems that the new year has brought many new things to my Etsy shops. I’ve listed even more today and plan on listing a few more items tonight. I’m hoping this creative streak lasts once work begins again on Monday. With the elimination of having to working special events weekly, I’ll hopefully have […]

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I used to be the kind of person who needed the approval of others to validate what I do. If I made food, I didn’t really know if it was good unless someone told me it was. If I hung up some pictures in a way I liked, it didn’t look good until someone told […]

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Must they tease me?

Over the past year I have collected a handful of prints on Etsy. This one is my favorite:It is from Lineanongrata.etsy.com. Julia, the artist, also has a wonderful blog here. Well, I was happy and content with my knitting print until I saw this little gem in her shop this morning:Do I really need to […]

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Happy Election Day

In honor of this very important day, I’m having an Election Day Special in both of my Etsy shops. If you voted in this election – you can get free domestic (US) shipping on all of your purchases today only. Shop here:IdyllHandsWoolyHands Just put “I voted” in the notes to seller and pay as usual. […]

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Finally I’ve taken new photographs and even added some new items to my shop. It was long over due. I’m not going to lie when I say that October is going to be hell for me. Work is insanely busy this month with shows and receptions out the yahoo (yes, out the yahoo). Aside from […]

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Update Successful

What? I listed a new item in my Etsy shop tonight? Get out! It has taken me just about FOREVER to get some pictures I liked of some of my new items. By forever I mean at least 3 weeks. They are not exactly my favorite pics, but they will do. Once the sun comes […]

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