Christmas Sale Number 1 – check.

A friend of mine has already started her Christmas shopping with a few purchases from my shop and a custom order. I love custom orders. I always have, sometimes I wonder “why on earth did I say I’d do this” but in the end, I love them. This time I didn’t grumble at all. I’ve needed a reason to make something, to sit at my table and play with my wire, chain, beads, and other goodies. I needed something to get my mind off of today.

Today was slightly more stressful (okay, extremely more) than usual. I suppose that is how cancer works. Some days are good, full of laughter and smiles and some are stressful, full of tears and the constant question of “why” going through my head.

I try to stay upbeat about this and for the most part I am. But sometimes I find myself thinking about my mom, some memories from the past, some from the way past, some from just a few days ago. They make me cry and I’m sure they will for a while. I don’t know how this is going to turn out – hopefully it turns out well and she has many, many more years ahead of her. She’s healthy, strong, positive, and loved. I just KNOW this will pass.

I just know it.

Sorry – this post went downhill fast, but it’s hard to ignore what’s on your mind. Perhaps some thoughts of future spinning adventures will cheer me up. Perhaps I’ll go pick out some wool for my first attempt at the wheel… once it gets here.

Bon nuit.

One thought on “Christmas Sale Number 1 – check.

  1. Yay! I love being your firsts! Wow, that sounded a tad dirty…. JK… sort of.I was beyond sore after this weekend. I guess that’s how out of shape I am these days. And I had to wear Jonathan’s black socks since I own none. Bad idea. AND there was the never ending march down. We played from the bandhall, down trinity, up 23rd, into the stadium, and all the way up the ramps to the upper deck. It would have been funny if there weren’t 90 year olds dropping everywhere!So, this past Christmas, Jonathan and I decided our Christmas present to each other was going to be a big tv. We bought a 40″ Samsung LCD 1080p. Loved it. Then we move. There is a cut out for a tv in our built-in bookshelves. That would only accommodate a tv that was 36″ wide. Yeah. So, we decided we’d mount it over the fireplace. Once we priced the mount and having the tv mounted (Lord knows Jonathan can’t be trusted around electrical outlets), we figured out we could put in like $200 more and just buy a new tv that we could take with us when we move — since obviously the mount would have to stay. We bought the exact same tv we bought THIS PAST JANUARY, but in a 37″. Fits like a glove. We now have a 40″ tv in our bedroom. I may never get out of bed again.Hang in there my dear. Give your mom my love and let me know if you need me! I’m always here!

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