Finally I’ve taken new photographs and even added some new items to my shop. It was long over due.

I’m not going to lie when I say that October is going to be hell for me. Work is insanely busy this month with shows and receptions out the yahoo (yes, out the yahoo). Aside from work, which is to be expected, I’ve got life to deal with. So life + work… oh yeah… + a huge craft show = one tired 27 year old. I’m looking forward to the craft show… and looking forward to some aspects of work (however, I wish the work part was spread out over a couple of months).

High points that work will bring in October:
Itzhak Perlman
Slow Dancing

So you see, there will be some wicked events taking place at Walton Arts Center in October. However, it is going to wear me to the bone.

Hopefully, the new photos I’ve taken will hold my shop over for a couple of weeks. Once I get through October’s work schedule and craft show schedule, I can concentrate on some new items.

In other news, my spinning wheel arrived today, but the post office is holding it hostage. The postage wasn’t enough, so I need to pay $5. No big deal, but kind of annoying. However, I’ll have it in my hands tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Ready…set…go!

  1. Oh gosh! Just take it easy hun… before you know it November will be here, and it’ll be holiday shopping season to the max!!Take a rest from etsy for a bit if need be. Your shop is wonderful. People will keep coming back.♥

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