Update Successful

What? I listed a new item in my Etsy shop tonight? Get out!

It has taken me just about FOREVER to get some pictures I liked of some of my new items. By forever I mean at least 3 weeks. They are not exactly my favorite pics, but they will do. Once the sun comes out while I’m at home, I’ll get some really great pictures, but for now, I feel like I can list items again. Oh, and even better picture new, Canon is going to fix my broken camera so I’ll really be back to normal soon.

I also sat down and fixed a couple of necklaces that didn’t survive when my craft show display took a nosedive off of the window sill the other day. They are as good as new. While that didn’t lead to any new items, I did sit down and so something at my desk. I finally unpacked the last 2 boxes of crafting goodies I had this past Sunday when I added a shelf to my set up. Now it’s a mess.

I said I unpacked them, I didn’t say anything about organizing them.

I still have grandiose visions of really putting a dent in getting the crafting area cleaned up and the guest room organized before Friday night. Barbara, a roomie from my days in Austin, is coming up for a visit and to watch The Longhorns trample the Razorbacks on TV (didn’t get tickets to the game in Austin, so coming up to Fayetteville is the next best thing I though, and so did Barbara). It’s not that I need to impress Barbara with my mad organizational skills, it’s just that I want it to look put together for my sake. I want to be a good hostess with a relaxing guest room and amazing guest bath.

Ah well, perhaps it will be done in time for my next visitor.

I already know what a certain one of you will say – something along the lines of “it’s okay to take it easy”. I know it is… I’m guilty of being just like my mom. Always going going going.

7 thoughts on “Update Successful

  1. I hope your friend doesnt read your blog, because then your cover will be blown!Hey, a messy craft space is a happy craft space because its getting used (or at least thats what I tell myself seeing as mine always looks like a tornado hit it!)

  2. It’s hard to stop going going going sometimes isn’t it?… Just do what you can hun… you’ll have a blast this weekend, i’m sure!;)

  3. It is ok to take it easy every now and then!!! :o) Wait til you get your surprise in the mail! heheMake sure to check the Mack Brown football website at texassports.com. The game MAY be postponed….

  4. No prob. My dad called me this morning to tell me. Keep your fingers crossed!I knew the knitting thing would get your attention. I don’t know why it just dawned on me that I might like doing that. I think it all started with the fact that a ton of my friends are knocked up. I normally do a needle stitch something or other for the new babies, but bah. I’m tired of that. So, hence maybe knitting. Once I get through this last calendar, I’ll look at that web site you sent me. I hope I’m smart enough to figure it out!

  5. I know that now the days are shorter, taking good photos is going to be twice as tricky with the lack of natural daylight. I swear, half the work is just preparing for listing rather than making things!

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