On A Roll

Well, it seems that the new year has brought many new things to my Etsy shops. I’ve listed even more today and plan on listing a few more items tonight. I’m hoping this creative streak lasts once work begins again on Monday. With the elimination of having to working special events weekly, I’ll hopefully have more energy to make things at night and time to go home for lunch to photograph items (when the sun is at the perfect spot in my yard for pictures).

Over in the AREtsy blog, I wrote about New Year Resolutions for your shop/business. I talked briefly about some of mine, but I’ll list them below:
1. Buy higher end supplies in order to raise the profit level on my jewelry
2. Create an inventory of supplies (including shipping) to avoid running out of my favorite beads or envelopes when I need them the most.
3. List new items each week (I’m not going to be any loftier than that)
4. Showcase my yarn or jewelry in at least one local shop and one not local shop
5. Recreate the look of my blog
6. Open up a business bank account

Yes, this should do it. All good resolutions, all reachable and all dependent on me.

I have something other than Etsy to talk about today. Did you know that most of the seed companies have sent out their spring/summer catalogs? Well, they have. I spent almost 3 entire evenings last week browsing through them, writing down lists of herbs I want, writing down lists of veggies I want and then throwing that list away as I remembered I don’t have great sun in this yard, and writing down lists of flowers I want. I do this each year. I should know better and just stick to the standards. Flowers I’ll never start from seed (except marigolds) – they are too easy to buy at the local nursery already blooming and ready to go. Herbs are something I do not need 20 of. I should stick to my favorites. No one needs 12 varieties of basil in their yard, but yet, 12 varieties some how end up in the ground, in pots, in seed packets… I have a problem.

It doesn’t help that it was unseasonably warm today. Nevermind that the warmth is indication of a cold front moving it’s way in, it certainly feels like seed planting weather. I’ll revisit my lists and order soon. I’ll be sure to blog about the purchases very soon.

2 thoughts on “On A Roll

  1. I thought that was a reasonable goal. I need to be healthier this year. I miss the way I felt those years that I shed all that weight. I blame my weight gain on Kelsey since she up and got married and moved to Dallas. It’s way harder when you don’t have “that” person with you.

  2. woo – I think I may need to apply some of your shop resolutions to mine as well!! Sounds like you are right on the mark for an awesome and sucessful 2009!

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