Boo boos

While making some earrings last night, I managed to slice open my finger (no, not with jewelry tools, I’m very safe with those, but with the container I keep my itty bitty seed beads in). I always tend to hurt myself in the worst possible place. It’s on the pointer finger on the side facing the thumb. It’s where needles lie when I’m knitting, where yarn and wire wrap around when I’m knitting, where my pliers rest when I’m wire wrapping (I hold them weird), it’s just in a really bad spot. I’ve injured my hand in the exact same spot a couple of summers ago (it really looked like a murder scene on my back porch when that happened – a terra cotta pot and I did not get along) so it only hurts worse now that I’ve done it again.

All that to say that I probably won’t be creating much for a few days. In fact, I’m spending many evenings out at my mom’s (she’s staying on her own all night and most of the day now – yay) and will spend the weekend out there just to get away, so other than some spinning and reading, I don’t think I’ll be doing a single, productive thing. Seeing as how my vacation from work kind of went to crap, I’m looking forward to my escape to my mom’s farm for a couple of days.

I’m actually kind of bummed about my creating. I was so thrilled with my new designs and I was just sure they would fly out of my shop, but they haven’t. In fact, I’ve sold an old design since listing the new ones, but the new ones just sit. I know how cute they are, so I’ll hold out hope. It hasn’t been that long anyways. I just had high expectations!

Well, my finger is screaming at me to stop moving it so I’m going to head up to do some reading and go to bed.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what it is I’m reading, it’s The Gentle Art of Domesticity. It’s fabulous.

7 thoughts on “Boo boos

  1. poor sissy!! :* kissy kissy! I’m surprised you haven’t sold any new designs too, however – people may be shopped-out after the holidays. Get closer to valentine’s day and maybe things will pick up. can’t wait to borrow your book!

  2. Oh gosh, I don’t know WHAT I would do if I wounded my pointer finger, gahhh! :)You see. Life is asking you to relax. ♥Enjoy your stay at the farm hun, hope your mom is doing well.;)

  3. oh no! i’m so sorry that you hurt your finger. i definitely know how painful [and frustrating] that can be. hope it heals fast!

  4. YOUCH!!! Sorry your finger got hurt. Nothing like a crafting injury to slow down the production side of things, though often I think it does wonders for my creativity.I’m loving all your new designs! I’m sure they’ll sell soon. They just haven’t found anyone worthy of them yet.

  5. You all are tooooo sweet. My finger is slowly getting better and my spirits about my new items are also better. Many thanks! *hugs and sappy stuff*

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