I keep telling myself…

I keep telling myself that spring is coming. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the snow. In fact, my coworkers couldn’t keep me in my office yesterday while it snowed. I was constantly heading up front to gaze out the window at the lovely, falling, white stuff. However, thoughts of gardening have been filling my […]

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you will find me out in the garden… but only occasionally. I go through bursts of gardening energy where I’ll spend all week outside and then I’m back indoors for a few weeks. Not sure why it comes and goes like that, but at least it comes. The past couple of weeks have found me […]

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Piles upon piles

I feel surrounded by jewelry, chain, wire and beads this week. I’ve been doing nothing but making necklaces, earrings and knit wire bracelets since Sunday night (and yes, in that order). As far as necklaces and earrings go, I have multiples of everything in almost every color. Bracelets aren’t as simple since they really are […]

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Gardeners Bench? Check.

I think I might have promised you a blog post about why I wasn’t overly thrilled with my day (and evening) spent in San Antonio, but I’ve lost interest. It’s touristy, crowded, and costs a lot to park. That’s basically it. I’d rather talk about gardening tonight. I spent the bulk of this afternoon organizing […]

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Garden Plans

Gardening season is well on its way to being right at our front door. Seeing pictures of the herb garden I worked so hard on at the other house makes me a bit sad. I had to leave that house though – it was going to fall in around us. Hopefully whoever is there now […]

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On A Roll

Well, it seems that the new year has brought many new things to my Etsy shops. I’ve listed even more today and plan on listing a few more items tonight. I’m hoping this creative streak lasts once work begins again on Monday. With the elimination of having to working special events weekly, I’ll hopefully have […]

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My Other Hobby

Who said I wouldn’t have time for gardening and jewelry making. I proved today that you just need one afternoon to get the garden ready to go. I took this afternoon off seeing as how I worked for 6 hours last Monday after already working 9 hours during the regular work day. I figured that […]

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Must Focus

I looked at the calendar tonight and realized I have less than one month before my next craft fair. Oy! I think I have enough product but I’m not sure. It might be easy enough to sit down with my jewelry and my computer and make my inventory list and see where there are any […]

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Marketing and Rain

As I said in a previous post, a fellow AREtsian is handing out some AREtsy street team promo bags at Toad Suck Days. I’ve been waiting on some new business cards from Zazzle.com to come in before I could put together some promos to send down to her. Well, the new cards are in and […]

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Things for a Gardener

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this a few times, but gardening season has begun. I had started some seeds a few weeks ago and I’ve found it in myself to rake some pine needles away from what will be my herb garden, but that is where it ends for now. Other than planting the herbs […]

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