My Other Hobby

Who said I wouldn’t have time for gardening and jewelry making. I proved today that you just need one afternoon to get the garden ready to go. I took this afternoon off seeing as how I worked for 6 hours last Monday after already working 9 hours during the regular work day. I figured that this afternoon was almost a fair trade.

My plan was to photograph every bit of jewelry that still need to be photographed. Leave it to my camera batteries to put a stop to that. They went kaput and the back up batteries have gone missing. So, out into the garden I went. After three hours of tilling, raking, getting weeds out of the soil, labeling plants, digging holes, planting plants and water, I have my veggie garden ready to go.

Oh, but why stop there? I decided my little garden needed a walk way. I wanted to put one in it last year, but my dad and I were in a hurry when building the plot, that it got overlooked. Not this year! I gathered up what rocks I had (not many, mind you) and a board that was begging to be put into the garden, and into the ground they went.

I planted tomatoes, peppers and eggplant around the footpath and I’m quite pleased with my little 8’x8′ plot. I still have an entire corner for planting and I’ll have to put some thought into this. Can’t plant just anything and I’ll be darned if I let the squash woo me into planting that again (I lost that battle last year).

Now I’ll just be left to water, keep the bugs/blight away, and maintain my garden leaving plenty of time for crafting.

3 thoughts on “My Other Hobby

  1. Oh, I’m jealous of your garden! We have plans to put one in in the only sunny spot in our yard, but so far we’ve gotten no further than building one small box, large enough for one very puny blackberry bush and some zinnias that put out one whole bloom throughout the whole summer. May your own garden be 100 times more fruitful than my own!

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