I haven’t sat down and really made anything in well over a week. I finished a custom order this past weekend, but that didn’t count (in my opinion). I’ve got so many ideas, so many things I want to do, I just need to find the energy.

Yesterday was spent in the garden and today was spent at work being pulled in about 58 different directions. Emails and phone calls needing IMMEDIATE responses. By the time I made it home from Jazzercise, I was beat. And speaking of Jazzercise, I could hardly even kick or jump or sit up to save my life. I must just be tired today.

It’s probably a good thing I’m to tired to think as that will force me to knit up some scarves for the fall craft shows. If I had more brain energy, I’d be tempted to make some new wire wrapped earrings or another bracelet. I suppose I’ll just list items all week that I already had made up. Like the earrings you see here.

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