Things for a Gardener

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this a few times, but gardening season has begun. I had started some seeds a few weeks ago and I’ve found it in myself to rake some pine needles away from what will be my herb garden, but that is where it ends for now. Other than planting the herbs (I’ll wait until it’s a wee bit warmer) and the arugala (scheduled for tomorrow), I have nothing left to do but wait. The seeds will need to grow for a couple of weeks indoors before being ready to move outside to aclimate them to that environment.

In the meantime, I have plenty of garden type things to do indoors. I’ve been knitting up a few spring inspired wire bracelets and making some bright colored earrings. I’ve also been browsing Etsy for some delightful spring/garden inspired items that might end up making it to my backyard before all is said an done.

The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to handmade for the garden. There are birdhouses from PapaPots, plant markers from ArtisanHands, flower pots and so much more. I have a feeling a lot of my gardening budget will be going to artists on Etsy this year.

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