Happy Spring

I have about three minutes left to welcome spring to the Northern Hemisphere. I’m sure that my blog will state that I posted this on March 21, but I assure you, it’s still March 20. I’ve been both looking forward to spring and also dreading the end of my beloved cold weather. I love winter, scarves, snow, cold nights, frost on the grass, I love it all! However, I do love spring, seed planing, flowers, afternoons in the hammock, and grilling out.

Spring will bring a wealth of new color combinations to my shop as well as to my life. I already have some seeds sprouting in my dining room just dying to go outside and grow. Those will someday turn into tomatoes of all colors and perhaps that will lead to jewelry in delicious shades of pink, red, green, purple, white… yes, all of those colors. I have a think for heirloom tomatoes and look forward to duplicating the look with beads and wire. I’m positive it can be done.

Well, I better get this post up before the first day of spring is just a memory of yesterday.

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