Enough Already

Carnival – Kaleidoscope Earrings (will they be the 50th item sold from my shop?)

I’ve had a major case of the pooh-poohs lately. I’ve pooh-poohed about the lack of sales the past couple of weeks, pooh-poohed about the lack of inspiration (I still want to take that trip to Austin), and I’ve just pooh-poohed in general (my closet’s a mess, I haven’t been able to get my garden ready for spring, my spring shoe collection is the pits, etc etc etc). Enough of that already.

I’ll be taking a three day vacay from work this week – making a total of 5 days off. I’ll be able to un pooh-pooh everything during that time. My garden will see my smiling face, my closet will be organized, I might even buy a pair of shiny new spring shoes, and for goodness sakes, I sold two items tonight so NO pooh-poohing about my shop.

I do have some major crafting plans for my 5 days of vacation but I’m not going to let it consume all of the hours. R and I have some plans to hit up Eureka Springs for a day and that only leaves a few days for gardening and I have HUGE plans for the garden. Perhaps I’ll find some inspiration out there. Perhaps while in the garden I’ll sell item number 50 in my shop? Hmmmm???

4 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Those are very CANDY. As the page loaded I actually made an “ooooohhhh”. Good thing I’m alone at the office today! πŸ˜‰

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