Shop Update this weekend

I’ll be updated my shop with three new versions of one of my newest necklace designs, “Falling Leaves”. I love making this necklace as it allows me to use some of my fancier beads that don’t really fit into my bracelets. I could make them all day, unfortunately, I’m out of leaf charms. Until I […]

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I need to be busy

I have many things I need to be doing. I need to be stocking up on supplies for my first venture into a brick and mortar shop starting July 1, I need to be knitting scarves for the fall fairs, and I need to be tending to my garden. What would you have found me […]

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15 Minutes of Fame

For a portion of this afternoon, I felt like a celebrity. No, not the kind who go to rehab before they are even old enough to legally drink, but the Etsy kind. A fellow member of AREtsy and my coworker, BeadedBombshell, let me in on a little secret this afternoon. One of my bracelets had […]

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Things for a Gardener

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this a few times, but gardening season has begun. I had started some seeds a few weeks ago and I’ve found it in myself to rake some pine needles away from what will be my herb garden, but that is where it ends for now. Other than planting the herbs […]

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A Bit of a Makeover

After taking many batches of photos for my Etsy shop that I was quite proud of, I figured it was time to get rid of the unsavory photos and replace them all. Anytime I use the word “replace” that usually means it will take the bulk of my day to do. This was no exception. […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

What a romantic day today can be for so many people. Gifts are exchanged, jewelry given, candy consumed (or in the case of my Sweet and I, we had heart shaped pizza), and flowers presented. It is a great time of year to give and exchange gifts. My Etsy street team, AREtsy, did just that. […]

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"Me" Time

I’ve spent a bit of “me” time for the past couple of nights and this is the product. I like it. It’s a first attempt at making designs on knit items with felt BUT I had fun and will be practicing. It’s only 7 months until The Clothes Line Fair – where these might make […]

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Not Sure I Can Top That

My gardening post with the lovely pics of my herbs from last summer got more comments than any post I’ve had so far. I’m not sure if I can top that. Perhaps an upcoming giveaway would bring them flocking again? Stay tuned for that. I present to you a picture of my poor, neglected crafting […]

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Goodbye Old Friend

I’m not going to lie when I say I’ve been a bit discourage by my Etsy sales this month. I’ve had a trade and played along on the SNS Secrets thread last weekend, but not really any sales to sing about. I considered relisting a scarf yesterday. It had been almost a month since I […]

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There Are Other Choices

The world does not revolve around silver earrings alone. My shop consists of many bracelets in both silver tones and coppers. However, due to lack of supplies in any other type of metal, my earrings, except one pair, have been all in silver tones. I first made some in copper a few weeks ago. I […]

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