15 Minutes of Fame

For a portion of this afternoon, I felt like a celebrity. No, not the kind who go to rehab before they are even old enough to legally drink, but the Etsy kind. A fellow member of AREtsy and my coworker, BeadedBombshell, let me in on a little secret this afternoon. One of my bracelets had made it to the front page.

WHAT? My bracelet? Front page?

In a moment of disbelief, I found myself fumbling across the keyboard to make it to the Etsy front page. There it was – Desert Oasis sitting on the front page amongst some beautiful items in an incredible treasury. The treasury was created by Zygopsyche and can be found HERE.

It is amazing how many views my little bracelet received and how many “hearts” both my shop and the bracelet took away from this experience.

Of course, the front page is short lived and life goes back to normal once the next fabulous page of goodies goes up, but it was fun while it lasted. And in case you don’t believe me, see below for yourself!

11 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Yay for you!!!! I was a witness to your 15 minutes. I took a screenshot as well, but yours is better. Congrats – you’re famous!!

  2. I’m a witness, too!!!! I thought, “Gawd, that looks like one of Idyll’s bracelets!” And then I saw it was. And so I immediately ran into the forum screaming, thinking I was the discoverer. So then I tried a screaming convo to casserole, but before I could presss Send, I got one from her. You’ve never seen such excitement. The only way you could top it is to win the sweepstakes and share it with us. 🙂

  3. *snif* I always knew I was doing the right thing to make you go to the Clothesline Fair with me last year… I’ve given birth to a famous Craft Goddess!!!*beaming with pride*

  4. Punkinhead – you really are the one who FORCED me to go the fair. I was all for it until it came down to it and then I did not want to go. Had I not, I might never had join Etsy.Thank you.:)

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