A Day Spent Indoors

The view from my window today was a wet one. It rained most of the day only letting up long enough for me to steal away to grab some groceries. I had planned to work on my back patio to get it ready for spring and summer cookouts, but instead I sat on the couch […]

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Well Hello

Yes, I do manage to finish a big project every now and then. These little fingerless gloves might look small, but this was a very big project for me. I picked out roving from my stash, spun it up specifically with these in mind, set the yarn, waited for it to dry, waited some more, […]

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A Finished Object

Remember that yarn I gushed over a while back (see here if you don’t), well, I finally found a project worthy of this yarn. I looked and looked for something I’d wear… a lot. I love hats, but don’t often wear them as I find myself trying to keep my hair looking nice for work. […]

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Must they tease me?

Over the past year I have collected a handful of prints on Etsy. This one is my favorite:It is from Lineanongrata.etsy.com. Julia, the artist, also has a wonderful blog here. Well, I was happy and content with my knitting print until I saw this little gem in her shop this morning:Do I really need to […]

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Knock Knock

Hello? Anyone out there? Sales have been a bit slow for me on Etsy this week – but then again, I’ve been a bit MIA from my regular life. I did keep up with things the best I could from Little Rock, but there was no time for crafting there. Perhaps when I’m back to […]

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15 Minutes of Fame

For a portion of this afternoon, I felt like a celebrity. No, not the kind who go to rehab before they are even old enough to legally drink, but the Etsy kind. A fellow member of AREtsy and my coworker, BeadedBombshell, let me in on a little secret this afternoon. One of my bracelets had […]

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A Bit of a Makeover

After taking many batches of photos for my Etsy shop that I was quite proud of, I figured it was time to get rid of the unsavory photos and replace them all. Anytime I use the word “replace” that usually means it will take the bulk of my day to do. This was no exception. […]

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Snow Day

It’s a snow day here in Fayetteville, wait, scratch that. It’s a half snow day here in Fayetteville. Yesterday I was hoping and crossing my fingers for snow so I could sit here and knit all day. Now, if I was off all day, I’d probably be knitting now. But instead I’m going into work […]

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"Me" Time

I’ve spent a bit of “me” time for the past couple of nights and this is the product. I like it. It’s a first attempt at making designs on knit items with felt BUT I had fun and will be practicing. It’s only 7 months until The Clothes Line Fair – where these might make […]

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It’s Not Fair

I recently stumbled upon these lovely and oh so simple earrings on Etsy. Both are by LisasLovelies and both I could not wear on a regular basis. True, I can’t wear most earrings on a regular basis due to a metal allergy I have (silver included) but these are so perfect to wear everyday when […]

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