Snow Day

It’s a snow day here in Fayetteville, wait, scratch that. It’s a half snow day here in Fayetteville. Yesterday I was hoping and crossing my fingers for snow so I could sit here and knit all day. Now, if I was off all day, I’d probably be knitting now. But instead I’m going into work at noon. It’s hard to do anything else knowing you’ve got to get ready for work in a few hours. I’m not motivated, I’m deflated, I think I’d prefer a full day of work.

I have projects that need finishing. I have a scarf that has been on my needles since the end of October. It’s almost the end of scarf season but I’ve made a committment to my crafting self that the scarf will get finished this week. I’ll just work on selling it of gifting it next year. I also received some beautiful beads from a shop on Etsy wanting to do a trade. I’ll make a bracelet and some earrings out of the beads, and she’ll send me some yarn. Good trade. When I finish, I’ll post the jewelry, her beautiful beads, and the shop.

I suppose those are all of the projects, but it seems like a lot. I’m just sloth like this morning and the snow doesn’t help. Maybe if I force myself to be productive…

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