A Finished Object

Remember that yarn I gushed over a while back (see here if you don’t), well, I finally found a project worthy of this yarn. I looked and looked for something I’d wear… a lot. I love hats, but don’t often wear them as I find myself trying to keep my hair looking nice for work. So a hat was out. Mittens or fingerless gloves were the same way… I like them but don’t wear them enough. I wanted this yarn to get knit into something I’d grab almost everyday on my way to work. Well, almost every cold day.

I found a pattern on Ravelry for a “Wham Bam Thank You Lamb” cowl. It was a free pattern, always a plus, I could do it in one evening, again, a plus, and it used chunky yarn, not only a plus but a requirement. I read over the pattern, cast on my stitches and a little over an hour later I had the masterpiece you see above (please excuse my old DMB concert t-shirt, I don’t dress up for knitting hour in front of my tv). I’m so excited with how it turned out and with how it features my yarn.

And for all of you shoppers out there at the Fayetteville Farmers Market who pick up skein after skein of yarn and ask “what do you do with 100 yards of yarn” well, this is one project.

4 thoughts on “A Finished Object

  1. Just found your blog, and I'm glad I did. I'm a new knitter and love to look at other's projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Becca- thanks for checking out my blog. I'm always using other peoples projects for inspiration of my own. If it worked for them, surely it will work for me 🙂

  3. Hello! Just wanted to say that I got my Count's Revenge in the mail today and I totally love it. Red is my favorite color, I'm so glad I got this one. Thanks!

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