Everything is on sale!

I’m feeling like Idyll Hands, my first love, needs a fresh new face. I’ve had the jewelry shop open on Etsy since September of 2007 and while changes have happened (branding, photography skills, style), it has not undergone a major change… ever. I’ve decided to shut the shop town temporarily, while I put some thought […]

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There was something about the way the sun shone into the windows today that created a sort of calm on the west side of the house. The beams of light that were cast across my office and fiber studio warmed me to my toes. It was the perfect afternoon after spending the morning at the […]

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A Finished Object

Remember that yarn I gushed over a while back (see here if you don’t), well, I finally found a project worthy of this yarn. I looked and looked for something I’d wear… a lot. I love hats, but don’t often wear them as I find myself trying to keep my hair looking nice for work. […]

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So Organized

My mom had a wooden architect table at her house that she used for beading. I loved it since she found it at a garage sale and it was one of those pieces that you wished you would have spied first so you could have claimed it. My siblings and I have started the daunting […]

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Halloween Spin-a-Long

Raise your hand if you like Halloween? And raise your hand if you like spinning wool? Now raise your hand if you are a fan of a good, old fashion SAL (Spin-a-Long)??? I’m sure many of you have your hand up if not for all of these, at least for one of these. I have […]

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Wish List

There was much discussion going on between some Fiberistas on Twitter yesterday about spinning wheels. One of my favorite fiberistas, Cloudlover, made a big announcement that she just purchased a Lendrum DT complete (DT stands for double treadle and complete means it comes with all of the fabu stuff you need for big HUGE bobbins […]

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