Wish List

There was much discussion going on between some Fiberistas on Twitter yesterday about spinning wheels. One of my favorite fiberistas, Cloudlover, made a big announcement that she just purchased a Lendrum DT complete (DT stands for double treadle and complete means it comes with all of the fabu stuff you need for big HUGE bobbins of art yarn).

Normally I just congratulate the fiber artist on their new baby and am done with it. However, this announcement came one day after a fairly frustrating evening of trying to get a bulky, plied yarn spun up. It almost ended with my throwing my wheel out of my house into my front yard. Don’t get me wrong, I love my spinning wheel, but I’m thinking it’s just not cut out for the HUMONGOUS art yarns that I would love to do more of… and would do more of if I didn’t lose hair over the whole ordeal.

So, now I have something to save up for. I must also own a Lendrum DT complete. I’m not sure how long it will take me to save up for it… I do have to restock my merino supply soon, but after that I’ll save up for a new wheel.

And if you are wondering if I’m going to sell my other wheel – I’m not sure yet. It was my first wheel and I really like it for almost every yarn I do… just not for super bulky, heavy, art yarns. Oh, and if you are wondering if I’m going to sell my other, other wheel (the super duper Craigslist find) I doubt it… unless I need that money for the new wheel… then I might be persuaded to part with it. I just can’t be a three wheel lady, that sounds a bit crazy.

6 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. I feel your pain… almost threw my spindle out the window the other day. I too share your 'wish list' – a wheel that can spin super bulky yarns. Going to dream big and save save save.

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