So Organized

My mom had a wooden architect table at her house that she used for beading. I loved it since she found it at a garage sale and it was one of those pieces that you wished you would have spied first so you could have claimed it.

My siblings and I have started the daunting process to figure out what we want to keep of hers and what we’d love to keep, but don’t have room for. That table is on my list. No one else has mentioned it yet and I’m really crossing my fingers hard that no one does. I think it would be the perfect table to use in my wool studio as a carding station. It’s the perfect height and it is sturdy enough not to walk around the room as I card wool like my current table (a folding table from Sam’s Club that I use for Farmers Market) does.

Before I cant even beg my siblings to let me have it, I needed to make sure it would even fit in the space. So this afternoon was “Project: Make Room for the Table”. As you can see by the before photo: and after photo: the table will fit perfectly and it really cleans up the space to add another piece of furniture to the mix. Funny how that happens.

I wish I’d get the same bug about cleaning as I do about organizing my crafty areas.

5 thoughts on “So Organized

  1. Wow, good job with organization. It took 3 years before we cleaned out the study and when we finally started, it took days!

  2. Michelle – if I put my mind to it, it gets done. It's the putting my mind to it that is the problem :)Island – I hope that table is mine! It would be so perfect for what i do.

  3. Wow woman! you should come over and clean my space too! :pI've been trying to figure out how to fit just One. More. Table. into my room, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Instead I need to stop being lazy, and clean up my beads now and then so I can work on other projects in the same space. *sigh*Hope you get that table too. β™₯

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