Yum Yum Give Me Some

This might be my new favorite way to find out what’s for dinner:

Tasty Kitchen

Go there… you can thank me later.

I cooked two recipes from that site tonight. This and this. Both were delicious. Both were modified slightly by me but that’s just how it goes in my kitchen. I also sauteed up some green beans Asian style and that was just my recipe – so don’t get on to me for the lack of veggies.

I’m not sure why I like the site so well… so far the recipes I’ve cooked from it haven’t been hard and I’ve had most of the ingredients on hand. As much as I love my other culinary websites, they sometimes aren’t quite as “throw it together and love it” as this one is.

Both recipes gained the Sweet Boy’s seal of approval. Yay.

5 thoughts on “Yum Yum Give Me Some

  1. Cool! I'm always looking for new/easy recipes… I love to cook, but have a teeny small kitchen, so I just don't try as hard as I could to learn new things… I'll have to check this site out. I love easy meals, that are healthy too. ♥

  2. yum, that sounds good. Thank you for sharing that link. I'll sure try some recipe or other really soon.How are things going in Idyll Land ? Are you starting on Christmas things yet ?

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