It’s Not Fair

I recently stumbled upon these lovely and oh so simple earrings on Etsy. Both are by LisasLovelies and both I could not wear on a regular basis. True, I can’t wear most earrings on a regular basis due to a metal allergy I have (silver included) but these are so perfect to wear everyday when you don’t feel like picking something colorful and flashy out of your jewelry box.

It makes me want to fall on the ground kicking and screaming “It’s not fair”.

They warned me when I got my tattoo that I might develop an allergy to some metals. It’s my fault.

My sister, Punkinhead, and I went out to the flea markets today. I looked and looked for that treasure that is awaiting my discovery out there in flea market land, but I didn’t find it. My sister did find me a vase full of knitting needles. The only complete set was a set of 4 double pointed needles. I’m unsure of their size, but they look good for socks and they were only $.50. You can’t beat that with a stick (but I refuse to call that a treasure). Perhaps I’ll find my treasure another day on another trip.

I posted my latest earring creations in my Etsy shop tonight. I really like this design and cross my fingers that they fly out of my shop faster than I can post them. A girl can dream… right?

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