Time Management

I have found myself lately with a lot of projects for other people and for my Etsy shop, but nothing for me. Sure, I sneak myself a pair of earrings or a bracelet every now and then, but I really want to do something for me.

My Sweet asked me this evening if I have used the buttons he got me for Christmas yet. No, no I haven’t! I had plans on making some neck warmers in bright colors with funky buttons, but here it is quickly launching out of winter and me with no new neck warmers.

I had promised My Sweet that I would make him not one, but two scarves this year. A black and red one and a brown and cream one. I did a couple for Christmas presents and I think it finally made him want more than just a beanie from me. Well, I’m almost finished with the charcoal and reddish one (not black and red, but close) but haven’t even started the other. How am I supposed to use those buttons on something for myself when I can’t event finish something for him?

I have noticed that if I have any spare time I tend to sit down to make earrings. They are a bit faster than the bracelets and a LOT faster than a scarf. I need to manage my time better. Aside from some neck warmers for me, I’ve had bracelets swimming around in my head that I want to make and some summer knit options that I need to get started so I can begin to load them into my shop. I need to chart out my evening activities:
1. Dinner (and not dinner out, dinner at home)
2. Keeping up with life things (bill paying, checkbook balancing, general straightening up, etc)
3. Etsy time
4. Erin time (crafting for me, reading, sitting in a bath, etc)

Sounds simple… 30 minutes here, 1 hour there, 15 minutes over there.



One thought on “Time Management

  1. Good luck with that! I’m pretty good with Etsy time and me time. But I do it at the expense of house time. I do manage to get bills paid and groceries bought. But there’s mildew in both toilets and my carpet is full of glitter from the latest project. Life’s too short. Do Etsy and Erin time first.

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