Almost There

I’ve been telling everyone who cares that I don’t blog and visit other’s blogs because I’m addicted to the internet, but because it’s a good way to get the word out about your shop (and get some good reading in as well). Today proved that. My coworker/friend/fellow AREtsian , Beaded Bombshell, recently let me know that Lee Ann Westover of The Lascivious Biddies blogged about a friend of her’s who has an Etsy shop. I completely took advantage of that post to comment about my shop as well.

It looks like that bit of commenting paid off today:
The Tiny Guide

Hooray! She likes my new earrings (found above). I knew she was my favorite when I heard that she was a fellow alum of The University of Texas in Austin.

See – blogging and following blogs is important. Don’t limit yourself to artist and crafting blogs, branch out. Musicians have a HUGE following and if you like their music, why wouldn’t they also like your hand made goodies? Makes sense to me.

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